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Founded in 1996, Dolly Parton's Imagination Library is a program that provides hundreds of thousands of books each month to registered children in participating communities all over the United States and Canada. Promoting a love of reading and learning as the building blocks for a strong foundation in education, we believe in helping children dream more, learn more, care more and be more. Since launching the program here in 2012, we have distributed over 210,000 books to over 8,500 local children!

School systems from all four counties are helping us track the program's impact through analyzing the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment data... and across the Shore the children participating in Imagination Library perform higher and demonstrate stronger readiness for kindergarten! 

To register your child for the program, please click the link above, or click here for a printable form and mail to: 803 N. Salisbury Blvd., Suite 2100, Salisbury, MD 21801.  Please note it can take approximately 8 weeks from time of enrollment for the first book to be delivered.  Books are delivered monthly up until the child's fifth birthday month.  If you relocated, please contact UWLES to provide a change of address as soon as possible to avoid service interruption.  Thank you!

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