1944 Legacy Circle

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Our 1944 Legacy Circle represents individuals that made a commitment to ensuring the long-term vitality of United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore and the area we serve.  Each individual has noted their intention to leave a planned gift to UWLES through their estate.

Through this program, supporters are able to contribute lasting gifts that will continue to help those in need for years to come. Planned gifts are made through assets to guarantee long-term impact. Whether through a gift of stock, bequest, life insurance policy or a trust, donors can contribute to the United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore, which will allow us to continue to strengthen our communities for generations to come.

All donors who have made a planned gift, or who let us know that they will make a planned gift, become members of the 1944 Legacy Circle.  Please let us know if you have already included UWLES in your estate plan.  We would like to thank you and recognize you for your gift.

To leave a lasting legacy to the community by including the United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore in your will or estate plans, contact:


Cathie Thomas
Leadership & Planned Giving Officer

Don’t have a will or it is outdated?  We can assist you with that as well. Click here for details

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