ALICE - Who is Struggling in Maryland?

ALICE for MarylandALICE Report

ALICE® is an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. The earnings of Maryland ALICE individuals and families are not enough to support a “survival budget” that is more than twice the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

The ALICE Report, released by United Ways throughout the state of Maryland, reveals that more than a third of households in Maryland can’t afford the state’s high cost of living and don’t earn enough to afford basic necessities. On the Lower Shore we have over 46% of households struggling. The report provides a framework, language and tools to measure and address the struggles of the growing number of ALICE households in Maryland.

Access and download the full report for Maryland, and additional details for Lower Shore Counties, with the links below. 

Newly expanded for 2020: MD county tools and data resources, along with data for all participating states, available here:

Updated Maryland ALICE Report - Released Aug. 2020, with 2018 based data, charts, expanded budgets and county information:

Maryland Benefits Cliff Study - - Released Aug. 2020 - a review of the impacts for ALICE families who can not access assistance programs


The Maryland ALICE Report is possible thanks to the partnerships of the Maryland State Association of United Ways, United for ALICE ( and these generous sponsors:

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Updated Maryland Report - Released Sept. 2018, with 2016 based data, charts, expanded budgets and county information:

Full Maryland Report - Released January, 2017 (2014 based data, all sections, 200 pp)