Together We LIVE UNITED - Winter 2021 Newsletter

The annual campaign has taken on a new look and feel but carries the same mission as every year before: To create and enhance opportunities for making a positive and lasting impact in Education, Financial Stability and Health for all. Donors from all over, who give directly or through their workplace campaign, have made this possible for over 75 years, right here on the Lower Shore. The programs and services we provide directly and fund through local nonprofit partners are successful thanks to you. Every donor matters and every gift makes a difference. 
While we continue to miss gathering in person with our community, the Together We LIVE UNITED campaign kickoff in October brought us a new way to wrap up our 75th anniversary and launch us into our new year. Thanks to our friends at PAC 14, and our sponsors TidalHealth, Perdue Farms, Avery Hall Insurance Group, PNC Bank and First Shore Federal, this virtual event included local partners, advocates, and support from a few of our workplace campaigns to show why they LIVE UNITED. Watch it at 
Our theme, Together We LIVE UNITED represents the collective passion we share for our community. ALL of us -- donors, advocates, volunteers, workplace campaign coordinators, and business, government & nonprofit partners -- together create local change for our neighbors, enabling a brighter future for each one of us. It has been inspiring to see the many ways our community has risen in response to the growing needs, as everyone continues to be impacted by the pandemic. We remain vigilant in our mission and grateful for the continued collaboration and partnerships which make it possible for us to impact 1 in 3 neighbors on the Lower Shore annually. We can only do this together.
We offer easier ways to give online or via text, whether on your own or as part of a workplace campaign, and provide simple options for one time or smaller recurring gifts, like our Round Up program or giving through payroll deduction.  Most workplace campaigns are opting for virtual formats, utilizing secure online portals. Special events, meetings, and workplace presentations have given way to smaller socially-distanced gatherings, recordings and video chats.  ‘Zoom’ now has a new meaning, and terms like “Pivot, challenging, now more than ever, unprecedented and “You’re On Mute” have become a regular part of everyone’s vocabulary.  We’ve also seen a lot of creativity with workplace fundraising, like a No Shave November challenge, silent auction and a birdhouse decorating contest, to name a few. Activities like these give employees the opportunity to make a difference in fun and stress-relieving ways. And customers value businesses who support the community. To see photos of ways companies got involved visit
For various ways to give and connect, text TOGETHER to 26989 or contact us anytime. To see if your organization offers a workplace campaign, visit, or let’s discuss how easy it is to offer your team the opportunity to make a local impact. Working together for a better tomorrow – that’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.