Mia's Story

The girls in our outreach troops face many daily challenges but Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay provides them with the opportunity to explore S.T.E.M. activities and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience in an all-girl environment where they can thrive without any reservations.  Many of these girls would not be able to participate in a traditional Girl Scout Troop due to many reasons including cost and transportation beyond any family issues they may be experiencing.  We believe that when girls succeed, so does society. 

Mia was identified by her school as needing Girl Scouts.  She has experienced many difficulties in her young life including living in a hotel with her grandparents and mother.  As a result of this lifestyle she had become known for her aggressive behavior and acting out.  Due to this aggressive behavior a counselor has to attend Girl Scouts just for her. The counselor made the remark that during Girl Scouts is the only time she has seen the girl play without bullying or being aggressive.  It is sometimes just the safe space that the Girl Scouts provides that allows a girl to be a kid even if it is just for an hour once a week.