Cheyanne's Story

It is a typical scene happening in many homes across the country, a family sharing a meal at the table. However, for the Shrieves family of Delmar, MD, this night is anything but typical. Recently, for the first time since two-year-old Cheyanne was born, the family is all eating the same meal.  Easterseals speech therapy services helped this magical moment come true. 

Cheyanne’s mother, Heather was ecstatic.  She said, “Cheyanne ate what we ate for dinner. She ate chicken, a few green beans and some potatoes! That was the first time ever! I was crying, I was so excited and proud of her!” 

Cheyanne originally started speech therapy to help her learn sign language so she could communicate with her mom. Now, speech therapy is helping her broaden her vocabulary, tolerate more textured foods, like the dinner she shared with her family and brush her teeth. Physical therapy helped Cheyanne learn to roll over, sit up and walk. Occupational therapy not only helped her learn to grasp and stack toys, but it is also helping to improve her hand-eye coordination and with her pre-writing skills.

Cheyanne’s mother shared, “Therapy has helped my daughter meet her milestones. But it has also helped me as a mom.   I have been given the tools to help my daughter meet those milestones and it has helped me realize that I am not alone in this. My husband and I have found a village at Easterseals that has helped us in so many ways. We have also learned how to be an advocate for our daughter.”